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Limited Exposure

Lonney White of White Studio, Lawrence Converso of Converso Modern, Deborah Colman and Neil Kraus of Pavilion Antiques and 20th Century, and Angie West and Alberto Velez
of Refractory come together to exhibit a curated collection of paintings, furniture, and objects in a limited exposure lasting 24 hours.

Saturday, November 13th, 2021 from 11AM - 4PM
3845 S Winchester Ave, Chicago, IL 60609

LIMITED EXPOSURE /// a collaboration between:+ Lonney White, established contemporary encaustic painter and sculptor.

Refractory, a Chicago-based collectible design and art studio conceiving, producing, and purveying rigorously crafted works in a language distinct within American and contemporary design landscapes.

Pavilion Antiques and 20th Century, celebrated Chicago gallery showing for over 20 years, notable for its collection of French and Italian historical design as well as Belgian and French contemporary design.

Converso Modern, preeminent Chicago design gallery, exhibiting at the most distinguished designs shows in the US including Fog San Francisco, and Design Miami.