Highlights From Miami Art Week

2020-11-10 04:33:46 -0500

BY KAT HERRIMAN for New York Times T Magazine

This year, Design Miami offers up its coziest iteration yet, not in terms of space and galleries, but in terms of objects and materials that veer toward the warm, natural and communal. Long wooden dining room tables by designers Pierre Chapo, Sergio Rodrigues and Gal Gaon anchored the booths of Magen H Gallery, R & Company and Hostler Burrows, in that order — all alluding to larger gatherings. “I think we are looking for moments to have dinners at home with friends and families,” says Design Miami’s executive director, Rodman Primack, of the trend. “The world is in a really complicated, scary moment. We are all shifting, values are shifting. People are beginning to understand that what they consume defines who they are. You have ethics and ideas about what you want to bring into your life and that is reflected in the furniture, art and clothing you buy.”

A prime example of this philosophy plays out in Converso’s booth, a first-timer at the fair, where an entire living room designed by the iconoclastic California Modernist Albert Frey is on display. The economy and simple lines of the set hint at a focus on the people who inhabit a space — rather than the objects.

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