Arturo Pani Gate


Rare monumental gate designed by Mexican interior designer Arturo Pani.


Arturo Pani was born in Mexico where his father was the ambassador to France leading him to be raised in France. Pani studied at Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris before returning to Mexico City in the mid-1930s. In Mexico City Pani became a preeminent designer of interiors with a upper class clientele, he was known as “the” decorator for the elite and is credited with the creation of the Acapilco Style. All of his furniture was made for specific interiors all of his furniture was designed out of his studio in Mexico City and most of his pieces were produced in the workshop of Telleres Chacón. Since all of Pani’s work was custom-made in Mexico city the pieces never went into production.

  • Mexico
  • Circa 1950s
  • Arturo Pani
  • Excellent
  • 1
  • Metal
  • 90.5" H x 78.65" W x 24.25" D