Jan De Swart Small Occasional Table


Studio De Swart hand-carved Table; features, cut-out hole and carved bowl shaped concave surface detail, this sculptural form is one of Jan’s most unique table designs. Jan De Swart (b. 1908-d.1987) was an important Los Angeles based Modernist sculptor and artist. De Swart, whose birth name was Joannes Ludovicus Barnardus De Swart, was born in a small Dutch village near the Belgian/Netherland border. He emigrated to the United States in 1928. When he first moved to California, De Swart tried his hand at homesteading and prospected for gold. By the 1930s De Swart had settled in Los Angeles, and by the 1940s he was married and living in a hillside home in Eagle Rock, California. Celebrated for his exploration of organic modernism, his sinuous shapes and forms in wood and metal celebrate the living world through the lens of a modern design master.

  • Jan De Swart
  • United States
  • 1960c.
  • Jan De Swart
  • Excellent
  • 1
  • Sequoia Redwood burl
  • H 12.75 in. x W 23 in. x D 34 in.