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by Converso Chicago

Arthur Carpenter Espenet King-Sized Oiled Walnut Headboard


Arthur Carpenter Espenet King-Sized Oiled Walnut Headboard:

California Craft Movement


- Solid walnut construction with 24 vertical slats

- Built-in nightstands with drop-down doors and leather-lined surfaces

- Center section includes sliding doors for storage

- Accommodates King-sized mattresses, as well as smaller sizes like Cal-King and Queen



- Overall length: 107.25 inches

- Center section length: 74 inches

- Height: 42 inches

-- Depth: 14 inches

- Top surface depth: 8 inches

-End sections with drop-down doors: 17-inch surface when down; drawers are 3 inches in height

This headboard offers a perfect balance of functionality and elegant design, making it a great addition to a king-sized bed setup.