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J.J. McVicker Painting "Hard Edge" Painting


J.J. McVicker painting “Hard Edge“ painting “Number 1“, 1980.

Jesse Jay McVicker (b.1911-d.2004) was an American painter, printmaker and sculptor. Born in Oklahoma McVicker studied at Oklahoma State University, where he later taught as a Professor of fine art. It is not until the mid-1950s that his work changes from a formal representational look to that of a more colorful, abstracted approach.

In a sense this painting is a modern trompe l'oeil. It fools the eye into thinking the stripes are applied color tape. They are not. When first looking at paintings of this type by McVicker, one is tempted to try and lift the edge of the tape to see if it is real. The artist has left no trace of brushstrokes on the canvas, further inviting the inquiry of the illusion of reality.

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