Leon Polk Smith “Torn Drawings” Portfolio


Leon Polk Smith set of prints, series of ten. “The characteristic of a drawing is its property to render a form, idea or emotion by the use of a line. One may draw by using a pencil,crayon, brush or any tool which lends itself to a tracing of lines. May draw with or without color. Running a stick over white sand is drawing. Incising clay or etching a metal plate is drawing.” ~LPS. Eight years ago (1957) Leon Polk Smith discovered that tearing a colored sheet of paper was a new way of drawing. This awareness came suddenly when one day, by accident, he tore a corner from a painted sheet of paper. It was a moment of Revelation. The torn sheet which to the ordinary mind would have become a piece of waste material rendered useless by an accident revealed itself to the artists comprehending eye as the source of the nearest aesthetic. Fascinated by the graphic beauty of the torn line he had created accidentally, Leon Polk Smith began to tear colored papers by intent. He would tear papers of various patterns and textures; papers colored commercially and papers he painted himself. He would explore their strength and weakness and learn to control both. Thus “Torn Drawings” came into being. Produced by Galerie Chalete, New York Profile Press No. 150 of 450. Signed Jacket by the artist included.

Leon Polk Smith
Excellent. Portfolio cover is worn. Mounted artwork is unbound and in great condition.
Ink on paper
15.5" H x 11" W x .5" D

tear sheet