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by Converso Chicago

Lucia Mercer for Knoll Custom Sierra Brown Granite Cocktail Table


Lucia Mercer for Knoll Custom Sierra Brown Granite Cocktail Table 1982

Sierra Brown Granite is a kind of brown granite with hints of beige and black quarried in Brazil. 

The most distinctive feature of this solid granite tabletop is its edge, which is not merely straight or uniformly angled but intricately beveled in a way that adds a dynamic element to its overall appearance. Starting from one end of the oval, the bevel—or the angled edge—slopes downward, creating a subtle shadow and enhancing the depth of the tabletop. As your eye traces the edge around the oval, this bevel gradually transitions, almost imperceptibly, to slope upward on the opposite end. This seamless transition from a downward to an upward bevel not only showcases exceptional craftsmanship but also plays with light and perspective, giving the tabletop a unique visual and tactile experience. The beveled edge, therefore, is not just a detail but a statement of design sophistication, marrying form with function in a seamless blend.”

About the designer:

Lucia Mercer's educational background in landscape architecture from Cornell University and her hands-on experience at the Cold Spring Granite Quarry in Ausable Forks, NY, has played a significant role in shaping her deep understanding of stone's characteristics and its artistic potential. This blend of knowledge and experience has allowed Mercer to create a table that not only serves a functional purpose but also stands out as a work of art with a unique aesthetic quality.


12.50" high

64" wide

49" deep