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by Converso Chicago

Luigi Benzoni Titled Volta Glass Sculpture


Luigi Benzoni titled "Volta" Glass Sculpture, with gold leaf details. Benzoni, born in 1956 in Bergamo, Italy, is a Venetian artist renowned for his innovative approach to art. Initially trained in architecture and art history, he began his career in Venice in the 1970s, primarily working with oil paint. Over time, he diversified into glass, porcelain, and bronze, often focusing on human faces with minimalistic yet expressive lines. His unique blend of painting and sculpting techniques resulted in captivating pieces that straddle the line between abstract and concrete. Benzoni’s mastery of traditional Murano glass techniques, such as blowing and layering, combined with his ability to incorporate precious metals like gold leaf, produced exceptional vessels and sculptures. Through his experimentation with glass, Benzoni revitalized the Murano glass art scene, reaffirming its significance in contemporary art.

Label on underside: Volta, Benzoni Luigi, anno 2000 N.unico