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by Converso Chicago

Monumental Art Nouveau Dining Table Attributed to Victor Horta from the Firehouse, San Francisco


Monumental Art Nouveau Dining Table Attributed to Victor Horta from the Firehouse, San Francisco.

John Dickinson selected this monumental Belgian Art Nouveau table as the centerpiece desk/ dining/ conference table for his famous San Francisco residence, The Firehouse, with the help of MoMA curator of Paintings and Sculpture, Peter Selz. Selz had curated the first authoritative re-examination of Art Nouveau at MoMA in 1960 before moving to Berkeley to found the Berkeley Art Museum. He was also a client of Dickinson's, as documented by SFMOMA. Attributed to Victor Horta, the table was initially commissioned for the Belgian Embassy in Paris by the Duke D'Anethon, plenipotentiary ambassador to France, as Belgian Art Nouveau was being introduced to Paris during the Paris Exposition of 1900. Duke D'Anethon was the model for the Belgian Ambassador, a minor character in Proust's, In Search of Lost Time. 

Brass rings pictured near the center of the table can be used for lamps etc.

The table easily disassembles for more accessible transport and placement.