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by William N. Copley

William N. Copley SMS: A Collection of Multiples


SMS: A Collection of Multiples S.M.S. is an art collection in a box that was available by subscription in 1968. Through February and December, subscribers were mailed six issues containing assorted works of art curated by William N. Copley. The portfolios consist of “original reproductions” by 73 artists including William Copley, Christo, Marcel Duchamp, Roy Lichtenstein, Joseph Kosuth, Walter de Maria, Yoko Ono, Lawrence Weiner, Richard Artschwager, Man Ray, Bruce Nauman, John Cage, Terry Riley and more. S.M.S. included renowned and unknown artists side by side. As form of protest against galleries, S.M.S. made contemporary art affordable and accessible at a modest price of $125.00 per subscription. The portfolios are all kept in their original display covers.
Edition of approximately 2,000 published by Letter Edged in Black Press.
Volume No. 1 February 1968
Little Box of Earthquake and Cotton (cover), Irving Penn; Black Dress, James Lee Byars; Chicago Project…, Walter de Maria; My Country ‘Tis of Thee, Kasper Konig; Luggage Labels Nancy Reitkopf; Project for a Bridge, Sue Braden; A Postcard for Mother, Richard Hamilton; Two Propositions in Black, Le Monte Young and Marian Zazeela; Store Front, Christo; Hottentot Apron, Sol Mednick; Pharmaceuticals, Julian Levy.
Volume No. 2 April 1968
Seven Minute Recording of Contapetrie, a surrealist word game (cover), Marcel Duchamp; The Mirror of Genoveva, Meret Oppenheim; Three Color Separations, Alain Jacquet; A Two-Year-Old Girl Choked to Death Today on an Easter Egg, Ray Johnson; A Proposed Comic Section for the New York Times, Bernard Pfreim; Farwell to Faust, George Reavey; Album, Clovis Trouille; Legal Tender, Bruce Conner; 10 collages, Marcia Hertscovitz; Cynocephalus & Co., Nicolas Calas.
Volume No. 3 June 1968
Untitled abstract landscapes (cover), John Battan; Clouds, William Bryant (Bill Copley); Ode to London, Dick Higgens; Two Drawings, Ronnie Landfield; Bush in Hand, Roland Penrose; The Father of Mona Lisa, Man Ray, signed and numbered; Glove, Enrico Baj; Four Titled Abstracts, Joseph Kosuth; Correspondence, H.C. Westerman; Signal Flag Poem, Hannah Weiner; Poppy Nogoods All Night Flight, Terry Riley; Poems, Atograf.
Volume No. 4 August 1968
Untitled (cover), Robert Stanley; Drift Study 4:37:4:05:09:50 5 VII 68, La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela; Permanent Parking Decal, Robert Watts; 100 Year Calendar, On Kawara; Lichtenstein Hat, Roy Lichtenstein; Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse) continued, John Cage; Phenakistiscope, Hollis Frampton; Asylum Manuscripts, Princess Winifred; 6 Prison Poems, Domenico Rotella; Concept: Bergtold, Paul Bergtold; Tortured color, Arman Fernandez.
Volume No. 5 October 1968
Untitled (cover), Congo (Chimpanzee); Custer’s Last Stand (interior of cover), William Anthony; Splendid Person, Wall Batterton; 24 Still Lifes, Edward Fitzgerald; Bucks American, Neil Jenney; The Barber Shop, William Copley; Cut Corners, Robert Rohm; Footsteps, Bruce Nauman; Candy, Mel Ramos; Mend Piece for John, Yoko Ono; The Magellanic Clouds, Diane Wakowski; Against the Grain, William Schwedler; The Inner Pages, Angus MacLise; Turf, Stake, String, Lawrence Weiner.
Volume No. 6 December 1968
Untitled (cover), Richard Artschwager; Adora, Jean Reavey; Self Portrait, Ed Bereal; Neon Construction, Ronoldo Ferri; Astrophysics, Bernar Venet; Junior Historical Theatre Playroom Kit , Mischa Petrov; Unattended Lunches, Claes Oldenburg; Friends, Betty Dodson; Twenty Down, Adrian Nutbeem; Johns in Art Galleries, Paul Steiner; 10 Xerox Sheets, Toby Mussman; Chocolate Bar, Diter Rot

United States
Christo & Jeanne-Claude, and Yoko Ono
1" H x 7" W x 11" D